Postcards from Christiania 1971 - 2021

This book is not really a book. It is a collection of postcards. Or rather these are the postcards from Christiania that I would write to my friends, with the experience of having lived parallel and entwinkled lives since we were born. I have memories of stumbling around naked in what is now Pusherstreet, but then I also have memories of The Grateful Dead concert in Tivoli that same year, an event my parents stubbornly claim I didn’t attend.

Written in the present but mostly presenting a past. Not alto- gether different from how I view the Freestate Christiania - a community that’s not really a community but rather a collec- tion of individuals and a today that is suspended somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow.

On that note Christiania - in many ways - is a fiction too, al- beit a very real fiction and I believe that we have survived and thrived in this ontological twilight, being not this, not that, unlabelable. Accordingly these postcards too are full of oddities, contradictions and stories which perhaps only exist in the author’s continuum. Furthermore they have been writ- ten attempting to embody a sort of inter-textual playfulness - perhaps to mirror the impossibility of adequately represen- ting Christiania – or any place for that matter.

However with imagination, curiosity and grace you should be able to piece together a somewhat coherent impression of what has been and is happening in a community which is as uncertain about who we are as anybody is in our time.

In other words hopefully you - as a reader and future postcard- writer representing your own version of who and what we are - will through these pages attain a more nuanced image of the three-dotted entity - which like Ché, Subcommander Marcos and Tupac - has been tattooed onto the arms, legs and dreams of people all over the world - predominantly people whose aspirations run counter to the itinerary our western societies and civilization seem to have chosen.

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